Debt Recovery Brisbane & Gold Coast

Recovery Action

Our Solicitors are specialists in conducting recovery action on behalf of creditors. This includes the following:-

  • Letters of demand;
  • Claims and Statements of Claim in all jurisdictions;
  • Statutory Demands and winding up applications;
  • Lodgement of Caveats; and
  • Security enforcement.

Our firm acts swiftly to pursue debts on behalf of our clients in a broad range of different industries. Based on this experience, we have cost effective solutions available to creditors, with a fast turn-around time, which is essential when seeking to recover monies owing to you or your business. In the event that you wish to recover a debt, please contact our firm for a free obligation appraisal and quote.

Debt Dispute

It is not uncommon that disputes arise regarding a particular debt. Accordingly, we also have experience in acting on behalf of the alleged debtor regarding a dispute over a particular debt. In the event that you are a debtor and you receive a demand or claim, you must attend to the matter urgently. In the event that a debtor does not take prompt steps to defend a claim for a debt, then if the debtor is a company then winding up proceedings​ may be commenced or if the debtor is an individual bankruptcy proceedings may be commenced.

Security Enforcement

Our firm has experience in security enforcement on behalf of security holders.

This includes the following:

  • Enforcement of mortgages;
  • Appointment of receivers;
  • Recovery action;
  • Lodgement of Caveats and appointing controllers over specific property; and
  • Recovery in the enforcement action.

Our firm regularly acts for a number of financiers and lenders in security enforcement and debt recovery. Again, we provide commercial advice in respect of security enforcement and debt recovery, and provide cost effective options for fund managers and lenders.

Asset Tracing and foreign enforcement of judgments

We are experienced at tracing assets that have been either transferred to defeat creditors or an attempt has been made to hide various assets including in other jurisdictions within Australia and internationally. In particular, in the event that assets that have been sold or transferred to related entities then we may conduct investigations and have the resources to trace and recover those assets. We also have experience in tracing assets that have been moved out of the Australian jurisdiction, and have enforced Court judgments in foreign jurisdictions. In the event that you either suspect or know that assets have been removed or attempted to be removed or transferred, then you must immediately obtain advice as early as you are able to and take steps to protect your position.

We also act for foreign solicitors seeking to enforce judgments in Australia. We are very familiar with the Court processes, and can provide proactive advice to enforce judgments in Australia.