Advice in respect of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be very daunting to an individual in respect of their overall financial position. It is often the case that once an individual obtains proper and accurate legal advice in respect of their rights and obligations that they feel more at ease in respect of the process. Accordingly, as specialists in the area of personal bankruptcy we can provide all necessary advice to an individual to ensure that they are informed of the process and are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities at law. In the event that there are any issues pertaining to the bankruptcy, it is important that an individual obtains accurate legal advice due to the consequences of not acting in accordance with those obligations pursuant to the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth).

If you have any concerns or require any advice in respect of potential bankruptcy or debts, please do not hesitate to contact our office. There are also other possibilities and solutions to personal debts that we can readily advise you in relation to.

Negotiation of Personal Debts and Debt Settlement

Our firm regularly acts on behalf of individuals in negotiations with creditors for personal debts. This may include the negotiation with a creditor in respect of a claim or potential claim whereby the person or individual does not have any assets to meet the claim. Invariably, our firm achieves desired outcomes (including a reduction in the amount of the debt) depending on circumstances. Our firm has significant specialist experience in this area, and we would welcome an initial obligation free discussion to guide you through the services that we provide which may assist you.

We have proven experience and results in this area. Contact our offices on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane for help.

Personal Insolvency Agreements and Debt Agreements

When an individual has personal debts they are not able to meet or pay, they can enter into a number of arrangements pursuant to the Bankruptcy Act or agreements with their creditors. Our firm can provide all necessary advice to an individual in circumstances where they are not currently able to meet or pay their personal debts and provide them with full advice of all of the options that are available. It is often the case a lot of individuals do not understand the options that are available, and it is often the case that a solution can be found to an individual’s personal debt issues before bankruptcy.

Claims from Trustees in Bankruptcy

In the event that you have received correspondence or a claim from a trustee in bankruptcy, then our firm may assist you with that claim. There are a considerable amount of basis upon which a trustee in bankruptcy may make a claim against an individual regarding property, likewise there are defences available to you. If you have received a claim of this nature then you must act quickly as strict time frames apply.

Acting on behalf of Trustees in Bankruptcy

Our firm has acted on behalf of trustees in bankruptcy in respect of advice that trustees in bankruptcy may require from time to time involving all issues relating to the bankrupt estate.

We have a proven track record with acting for trustees in bankruptcy in respect of various matters whether they be preference actions, uncommercial transactions or otherwise any other matter pertaining to a bankruptcy. Contact our offices on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane for help.