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Rose Litigation Lawyers Annual Professional Staff Retreat

The Rose Litigation Lawyers professional staff attended the firm’s annual Professional Staff Retreat held at Mooloolaba in June 2019. We are very proud and excited to have a fantastic team with a great culture and dynamics, which enables our Firm to go from strength to strength.

During the retreat, we discussed our firm’s values, characteristics, culture and behaviours that help us achieve our vision. All members of our team exhibit our core values each and every day in order to achieve the firm’s vision.

Over two days, each of our lawyers presented on insightful topics about key legislative reform, technical insolvency issues and complex general litigation matters to ensure our team continues to deliver exceptional results.

It wasn’t just all work, though! Here is a photo of our team and partners enjoying some well-deserved downtime – smiles all round!


Solid Trading Terms are Essential

1111 - Solid Trading Terms are EssentialThe Personal Property Securities Register (“PPSR”) is an essential tool for trading parties to secure debt and shield off any potential claims from Liquidators under the voidable transaction provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), in the event a customer or trading partner goes into liquidation and owes you money.

Concerningly, we have noticed that many clients come to us with non-compliant trading terms, or any trading terms at all. On that basis, those parties are left exposed, have greater difficulties in enforcing their unpaid invoices or have found themselves on the receiving end of a substantial demand from Liquidators appointed over insolvent companies. This places these individuals and companies under extreme financial stress. This can be avoided by having in place effective and enforceable trading terms and conditions. Read more


The New Era of Class Actions in Queensland

shutterstock 696418651 - The New Era of Class Actions in QueenslandClass actions, when commenced appropriately, are an effective channel to obtain commercial damages or relief for a number of aggrieved parties where their related circumstances give rise to a claim against the same person or organisation.

In a class action, one or more people are able to act as representatives for some or all of the people in the class. This is why class actions are also known in Queensland as representative proceedings. In order to commence a class action, the threshold requirements include Read more


A second win at the Australian Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2018

We are pleased to announce that on Thursday 13th December 2018, Shaun Rose attended the Australian Young Entrepreneurs Awards after recently being awarded the Gold Coast category of the awards.  The winners in each city then went automatically to the National awards.  We are pleased that Shaun and our team took out the National Award for the ‘Legal’ category. This is another great achievement for our firm and we are humbled to be recognised on a national level as a leading law firm on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, particularly with such a competitive category of professionals.

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Shaun Rose, Rose Litigation Lawyers – Winner of 2018 Professional Services Young Entrepreneur Award

On Friday 12 October 2018, Shaun Rose and his Fiancé Lisa attended the Business News Australia, ‘Young Entrepreneur Gold Coast 2018’ gala awards night at the QT Gold Coast. Our firm is pleased to announce that our Director, Shaun Rose won the ‘Professional Services – Legal’ category Young Entrepreneur Award category.

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“I have been defamed, what can I do about it?”

Defamation is the publication or communication of material that contains unsubstantiated facts which negatively impacts a person’s reputation. The purpose of defamation action is to provide effective and fair remedies for persons whose reputations are harmed by the publication and communication of defamatory material, while balancing freedom of expression. Defamation action in Queensland is regulated by the Defamation Act 2005 (Qld) (“the Act”). Read more


“Hatched” at Rose Litigation Lawyers

There has been an abundance of babies hatched at Rose Litigation Lawyers this year.

First, there was Managing Director, Shaun Rose and his fiancée Lisa with their second child Taylor Ivy Rose in March this year.

Second came Billy and Maire Fitzgerald with their son Ruadh Fitzgerald in April.

Thirdly, and more recently in July 2018 Melissa and Tim Inglis welcomed Eddison (Teddy) Inglis.

We very much congratulate those involved and welcome all the new additions to the Rose Litigation Lawyers family.

Melissa Inglis is currently on maternity leave, returning in January 2019.


Is Brisbane about to tank?

Apologies for the dramatic heading, but is it true?

There has been a lot of talk in the media in recent months of an oversupply of Brisbane off the plan apartments that are either new or currently under construction.

In fact, BIS Oxford Economics announced in April that nearly 20% of Brisbane’s apartments are empty amid an oversupply.[1] BIS Oxford Economics estimates that 8300 apartments were completed in the inner Brisbane area at the end of June 2018. Read more


New Brisbane Offices!

We are excited to announce that our Brisbane office has moved into new premises to accommodate our firm’s continued growth. Our new office is located at Level 11, 15 Adelaide Street, Brisbane 4000. Our phone number and contact details otherwise remain the same.

Our firm’s director, Shaun Rose, and Partner, Billy Fitzgerald, have confirmed that our Brisbane office and larger premises will accommodate the continued growth of Rose Ligation Lawyers into the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new premises and invite you to drop in and see our Brisbane team at the new offices.

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Builders Spared again by the Subcontractors’ Charges Act 1974 & PPSA Compliant Supply Agreements

The collapse of Brisbane based building company, the Cullen Group, a week short of Christmas sent shockwaves around the construction and building industry both in South East Queensland and further afield. The Cullen Group was a well-known and highly regarded building contractor having been involved in a number of notable developments in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, most recently being the principal contractors on the $100m Boheme development in Robina on the Gold Coast.

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