Why use us?

We are Composed

We are composed in our overall desire to resolve your dispute and achieve your best outcome. We are composed in our areas of practice, as we only practise in those areas. That means – it is very likely that we have seen it before. We are comfortable in our areas of expertise because we don’t step outside them. We are experienced in resolving disputes commercially and when required we are seasoned litigators in all Courts and Jurisdictions in Australia. The majority of our matters are referred by our current clients, lawyers, accountants or other professionals.

We are Proactive

We are proactive to act on your behalf to achieve your best outcome. We understand that in the areas of our expertise we are required to be proactive. That is – to ensure we move swiftly to advance the client’s position and to ensure their rights are advanced and protected as much as possible. Proactive to us also means to communicate with you every step of the way.

We talk Straight

Communicating with our clients and working with them to achieve a result is what drives us. We believe in a high level of service and communicating with the client about the matter to identify the clients interests, formulate a strategy and then execute. We understand that not all clients are the same, and that is why we ask you what you want to achieve. Our relationships define who we are.

We are Commercial

We thrive on achieving commercial results for our clients. We understand that being involved in drawn out litigation is not always commercial and we seek to get the best COMMERCIAL outcome for the client. All of our lawyers have commercial backgrounds and have regard to commercial factors when advising clients how to proceed. Resolving disputes is our specialty and we seek to achieve the best result for our clients and that is what drives us.